We're glad you found us.  Gathered in 1854 by Universalists who embraced a theology of all-inclusive love, our church has a rich history and a tradition of extending its liberal religious message to the greater community.  Our members come from all over the Central Connecticut area.
We are A Liberal Religious Community
Celebrating Diversity and Love
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The Unitarian Universalist Church in Meriden is a welcoming and caring community which celebrates and upholds its commitment to diversity in beliefs, background, and life experience, while challenging ourselves and others to seek justice through loving action.
With historical roots which spring from the Jewish and Christian traditions, Unitarian Universalists believe that the personal conscience and experience of each individual are the final authorities in matters of faith.  Rather than subscribing to a single religious creed or doctrine, we strive to keep our minds open to the questions humans have asked across all cultures since the beginning of civilization.  Ours is a faith in action.  We work to make our principles of human dignity, compassion, and justice more alive in this world.  We believe in love.
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Voices of a Liberal Faith  -  About Unitarian Universalism
Rev. Jan Carlsson-Bull
March Contributions
Each week 25% of the undesignated  cash offerings in the Sunday collection plate are donated to a worthwhile community organization chosen by the Social Justice Council.

For the month of March the recipient is Meriden Soup Kitchen.  The soup kitchen serves a mid-day meal to persons in need M-F from 11am - 12:30 pm. 

The soup kitchen is located at the First Baptist Church, 460 Broad Street, Meriden.
Inspire a thirst for justice and partner with others who share our commitment to loving community

Challenge our assumptions about the world and ourselves

Be a place of renewal and exploration

Minister with hope and inspiration

Create sanctuary for freedom of thought and expression

Support personal growth and develop leaders through education and example
To realize our vision we will:
The Rev. Dr. Jan Carlsson-Bull began her ministry with us last year.  The first full-time minister to serve our church in almost a half-century,  Jan has brought her incredible energy and insight to this congregation as we continue the tradition of this church in extending our liberal religious message to the wider community.   Jan publishes a monthly newsletter message and leads our Sunday morning worship three Sundays a month.
NEXT SUNDAY AT UU MERIDEN -  "Awakening" - An Intergenerational Celebration of Easter
Rev. Dr. Jan Carlsson-Bull
Religious Education
Unitarian Universalism and religious education isn't just on Sunday.  Being UU is Sunday and everyday.  CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR RESOURCE CENTER  to extend and deepen what we do together on Sunday.

Learn more about our Religious Education Programs HERE.
Rev. Mark Kiyimba
On October 6th we were honored by the presence of Rev. Mark Kiyimba, the pastor of New Life Kampala Unitarian Universalist Church in Uganda, at our worship service.

Rev. Kiyimba is an outspoken advocate for just treatment of Uganda's gay and lesbian population and has been a leading voice in the fight against Uganda's pending anti-LGBT legislation, which would mandate harsh penalties such as life imprisonment or death just for being homosexual in Uganda. In addition to leading his congregation, Rev. Kiyimba operates a primary school for over 650 students, many of whom have been affected by HIV/AIDS, and a children's home of 44 kids for AIDS orphans near Masaka, Uganda.   He is currently working on a project to construct a well to provide water for those in the village who currently must walk over two miles to the nearest water supply.

Learn more about the work of Rev. Kiyimba, his congregation,
and the great things being done at the school and children's home by visiting the website of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Uganda.
Come celebrate what can never be just another day. . .