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For 157 years, our congregation has ministered to the people of Meriden and its surrounding communities.  We welcome you to join your voice with ours.
September Worship Schedule
Sept 10 - 10:30 am “Water Water Everywhere!”
Worship Leader:  Rev. Dr. Jan Carlsson Bull
Worship Associate: Jeff May

Our streams will merge through the water we bring from the mountains, the ocean, a lake, a pond, our backyard-whatever site in our “blue boat home” holds special meaning for you.  Bring also a story of why your water holds meaning for you.  We'll explore water as a blessing and a liability, punctuated with your stories and the unfolding saga of our neighbors to the south. We'll also provide the opportunity of a second offering, with checks payable to "UUA/UUSC Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund".  Half of all funds raised will go to at-risk populations served by Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) partners; the other half will aid Unitarian Universalist congregations and their members most impacted by the hurricane.  Let's affirm new ways to engage in a communion of water!
Sept 17th - 10:30 AM - “Covenant”
Worship Leader: Rev. Dr. Jan Carlsson-Bull
Worship Associate: Lisa Urso

Covenant, the worship theme for this year, is a declaration of agreed upon promises that we seek to honor in connecting with one another.  Unitarian Universalism is a faith grounded in a covenant of love, not a creed of hard core beliefs.  How might we regard covenant as a living agreement, just as we regard our faith tradition as a living tradition?   How might we revisit the congregational covenant adopted years ago and shape a covenant for the time that is now?   And how can we live what emerges as we go forward?
September 24th - 10:30 AM -  “Spirals of Intimacy”
Worship Leader:  Rev. Dr. Jan Carlsson-Bull
With Steve Volpini, Small Group Ministry Co-Coordinator

Whenever one or two people join or leave a group, the dynamics change.  So it is with Small Group Ministry as it happens over time and as we launch the fifth year of this distinctive form of ministry in our congregation.  What remains constant is the intimacy that blossoms when five to ten people meet twice monthly with trained facilitators, forge a common covenant of behavior, share what’s in their hearts, and offer personalized responses to questions rising from a common topic. What happens if we structure a worship service as we structure a small ministry group?  Come find out; then sign up during coffee hour for a group that works for you.  Groups begin in October. 
October 1st - 10:30 AM - “Safe”
Worship Leader:  Jeff May
Worship Associate:  John Sepples

Trust is perhaps the most valuable aspect of any relationship as well as one of the most elusive.  In a relationship of trust we are free to be our authentic selves and take the risk to share what is on our minds and in our hearts, even when we disagree.  This is true of our most intimate relationships with a spouse or significant other as well as with our dearest and closest of friends.  It is also true of this community.  In a covenantal community we seek to create an environment of trust where all can feel safe to be who they are and know that they will be respected even when conflicts arise, as they always will.  What are the limitations to trust that we face in this community?  Do you feel safe to express yourself even when you know that your ideas about a particular subject may differ with others?  How do we strengthen this most essential element of our beloved community?  

Join us for worship each Sunday.  Our services begin at 10:30 AM and generally last 1 hour followed by refreshments and a time for fellowship and reflection.  Children join us in the sanctuary for the beginning of the service, and then adjourn to their RE classes.  
Second Sunday Potluck Dinner - right after the service.
Come enjoy this post-service time of food and fellowship, So that we don’t all bring dessert, please use the Perfect Potluck meal planner link to let people know what you plan to bring:  Once you take an item everyone else who opens the link will see that others have signed up for food contributions.