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Nursery Care: Ages( 0-3) During the service, children under three
years old are entertained in the nursery with two or more childcare professionals.

The Picture Book of Bible Tales (Preparatory Class, Pre-K - Grade 1) is based on the best picture books for teaching young children about Bible Stories with a U.U. perspective.  There is an introductory session to begin the class.  Children will be able to make their own picture book as part of the class sessions.  Each session includes a picture book story from the Hebrew or Christian scriptures followed by some reflection and wondering questions and an activity that explores and expands the message or theme of the story.

Timeless Themes (Primary Class, Grades 2-4) introduces children to religious literature that is central to North American culture and to Unitarian Universalist heritage. The Bible stories are taught from the perspective of UU values. The violence in the stories is not completely avoided, but recognized and used selectively to guide participants toward an understanding of non-violent ways to resolve conflicts.

Children become familiar with their cultural heritage, and to the human issues that inspired these scriptures--the timeless themes of transcendent power, human responsibility, love of freedom, speaking out against injustice, respect for the beliefs of others, love of one's neighbor, and forgiveness. God is referred to as "God," not "he." The stories, drawn from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible, are gender-inclusive.

Jesus and his Kingdom of Equals (Secondary Class, Grades 5-8) introduces students in grades 5 to 8 to an interpretation of the historical Jesus based on contemporary biblical research, principally from the Jesus Seminar. Students experience an unfolding narrative of a Jewish reformer who saw through the hypocrisy and elitism of first-century Roman Palestine. This itinerant sage brought a message of affirmation and egalitarianism to oppressed and powerless Galileans and described a kingdom of love, not in the future but already present in the hearts of people.  Drama, simulations, crafts including clay and weaving, songs, social service initiatives, and other creative hands-on activities reinforce values concerning such teachings as respect for all, sharing worldly goods, conflict resolution, friendship, and forgiveness.

Youth Group
Youth Group meets on alternating Sundays following discussion.  Youth who have graduated our Coming of Age class, or are in the 9th -12th grade, meet with advisors for varied and thought provoking conversation and activities.  Youth group is youth-led, helps teens build relationships, gives participants a greater sense of belonging, supports them during their spiritual journeys and develop leadership skills.

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How it works: Religious Education for Children &Youth

Every child or youth
participating in Religious Education classes, Nursery through Youth Group, must be registered each year.  There is online registration on this page, or you can find hardcopy registration materials on the buffet in the foyer, or you can contact the Director of Religious Education (DRE) (  

Each year there are two Parent Meetings, one at the start of the year and one mid-year.  Parents and other interested parties are invited to all Children and Youth Religious Education Committee Meetings currently held on the first Thursday of the month.  To encourage deeper connections between families and the RE program we will be holding class orientations during post service coffee time with the teaching teams and the parents or guardians of class participants along with the class members early in the year.   Everyone will have a chance to learn how the curricula and the program work, ask questions and get important dates on the class calendars. 

If you register later in the year, please plan to meet with the DRE for an update on classes.

Once a month the congregation as a whole-children, youth and adults-worship together in the sanctuary.  Only OWL classes (if in session) meet on these Multigenerational Sundays.   On all other Sundays children and youth begin their morning with the rest of the congregation in the Sanctuary.  The congregation sings the children, youth and their teachers to their classes 15-20 minutes into the worship service.  Nursery care (through 3 years old) is available every Sunday.

Every Wednesday the Children, Youth and Adult Lifespan Religious Education Bulletin is emailed to the congregation with information about Religious Education at UUCM and other events of interest. 

I look forward to welcoming you once again or for the very first time as we begin the new year!

Molly Nolan
Director of Religious Education
Unitarian Universalism isn't just on Sunday.  Being UU is Sunday and everyday.  CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR RESOURCE CENTER  to extend and deepen what we do together on Sunday.
Each person is important.
Be kind in all you do
We’re free to learn together
And search for what is true
All people need a voice
Build a fair and peaceful world.
We care for our Earth

The Congregation's Children and Youth Religious Education Program provides opportunities for youngsters to grow in the understanding of who they are, within the framework of our Unitarian Universalist Principles, which we express for children this way:

Lifespan religious education is an ongoing process, and is not just for kids.  Our religious education programs begin with our children and youth RE, progress through our youth group, and continue on with a variety of adult religious education programs and opportunites.

For more about our Adult RE Programs, CLICK HERE
Religious Education for All Ages and Stages
About Our CYRE Classes  2016-2017 Year
Welcome to the Religious Education web page! This page is intended as a brief overview of the religious education program for children and youth for 2016 - 2017.  We seek to engage children in the curricula and foster relationships within the congregation in order to instill lifelong Unitarian Universalist values.  We, as a whole community, leave an impression on every child who comes through the program. We hope you will join us as we seek to live and impart our Unitarian Universalist values.

Six Sources of Unitarian Universalism

The sense of wonder we all share

Women and men long ago and today, whose lives remind us to be kind and fair,

The ethical and spiritual wisdom of the world’s religions

Christian and Jewish teachings which tell us to love all others as we love ourselves

The use of reason and the discoveries of science

The harmony of nature, the sacred circle of life we share with all living beings
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